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Archisource presents our latest release of the Ideas Pocketbook - the ultimate visual inspiration book featuring hundreds of standout creators from architecture, design and the arts

Whether you're experiencing creative block, trying to inspire your next breakthrough idea, or want to inject more creative flair into your project - the Ideas Pocketbook has got you covered!

Spanning over 200 pages, the Ideas Pocketbook is packed with remarkable, standout drawings. It's been designed to be a tool that ignites creativity and provides inspiration through the best imagery from the past year.

The book is an essential visual reference book for architecture, design, art to creators of all types who are looking to inspire their visual representations. The book is bursting with quality-assured inspiration selected by the Drawing of the Year Award judges, exploring a vast array of styles, drawing types and mediums!

Specifications + Dimensions

  • 238 pages
  • 148mm x 148mm x 21mm
  • Paperback and digital versions available
  • Paperback: High quality art book paper [150gsm]
  • Digital: 185dpi. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 [pdf 1.4]

Contents + Details

  • Over 200 featured works selected by award judges
  • Featuring award winning drawings
  • Software insights for all imagery
  • Categorised by drawing types for easy navigation
  • Featuring an array of graphic styles
  • Project descriptions and titles indexed
  • Designed and curated by Archisource